It is a common principle in law that you can’t give what you don’t have, in a similar vein, you can lose what you don’t have

Having a property comes with the added risk of losing it. To protect against these loses, insurance policies have been set up. Insurance companies offer different policies that seek to protect the valuables of their client and manage the risk attached to such properties, while this seems pretty straightforward. Getting an insurance policy is anything but simple. With so many insurance companies and policies out there, it is so easy to be confused and end up with an insurance policy that is not suitable for you or your business. Since insurance is also expenses, getting the wrong policy only means money down the drain because you neither get your money back nor her adequate protection for your property.

At Finance Guide, we help our client with this tricky process and link them with the right insurance companies. We sort out the whole insurance process for them and save them the hassles of comparing policies before picking the most suitable one. Our insurance service is based on three core goal:

• Limiting Risks

• Managing Costs

• Driving financial growth.

Whether you are insuring a personal property or your business, these three goals guide our relationship with you and the kind of policy we will get for you. This is why our clients always get the most suitable coverage when they let us handle their insurance for them.

Why You Need Insurance

Whether it is for business equipment or personal property, insurance is a non-negotiable part of proper financial planning. As a financial advisory company, we have encountered clients who felt paying high premiums on insurance is a waste of valuable resources that could be spent on something more urgent and essential. Our team has convinced them how on how important insurance is in the overall scheme of reaching their financial goals and achieving financial independence. The benefits of insurance are numerous and includes:

If you are looking to ensure stability in your business or personal life, then insurance is compulsory for you. It is the safety nets you need when things go wrong, and things do go wrong. Where an accident occurs, or a piece of equipment suddenly stops working, insurance ensures you don’t feel the financial brunt of such unforeseen circumstances. Insurance is also valuable to businesses in competitive markets. With proper insurance, your business is more equipped to take bigger risks without fear that any loss will jeopardise its continuity in the industry.

Business is more profitable when it is carried out in a conducive environment. Insurance can grant you this conducive environment that enables you to take calculated risks, make important decisions, and expand your business without worrying too much about how it will affect your long term financial plan. Whether in your business or with your family, this peace of mind is precious and ensures you can function to your optimum ability.

In most States, specific insurance policies are legal obligations that you and your business must comply with. For instance, basic auto insurance for all types of vehicles is legally binding to ensure that all road users are adequately protected against road accidents. Also, workers compensation is another insurance that most States consider obligatory for businesses.

Insurance also creates financial opportunities for your business. This is because most lenders, be it truck, mortgage, equipment, car, or boat, require proof of insurance they can grant you financing. This is especially so for unsecured loans where there is no collateral on the capital you are lent. Lenders usually require insurance on the property acquired with such loans to secure their investment in case of risk or default. Thus, insurance is fundamental to your business growth.

When you consider all the value that you will get by insuring your property, you will understand why you must get insurance coverage. However, it is more important to get the right coverage, and this is what our team at Finance Guide will do for you. We help our clients to get all types of insurance, both family and business.

Family Insurance packages include Car insurance, travel insurance, home insurance, boat insurance, and life insurance.

Business insurance includes Small business insurance, commercial and corporate insurance and workers compensation.

We ensure that the insurance policy you get covers all sort of probable risks you may run into; thus, risks are mitigated om all fronts. We also help our clients to file insurance claims where there is a need for it. With our vast network of insurance companies and expert team, you are always in safe hands.