Finance Guide provides commercial equipment financing services for businesses in need of equipment for their successful operations.

We understand how important having up to date equipment can be for any business and the cost of updating equipment regularly or even buying a new one for someone seeking to start a business, that is why we serve as a link between business owners looking for capital and lenders looking to fund such commercial investments at a favourable rate.

The cost of equipment is not something that any business, whether a start-up or established corporation can just decide to take on without proper financial planning. In fact, it is right to say that the more established a business becomes, the more expensive the equipment it would need to maintain its relevance in the industry and provide its customers with quality services on all fronts. With the geometric progression in advancements in technology, equipment gets better day by day, and businesses always have to stay ahead because the competition is not resting on its oars. In such a clime, even multinational corporations still use financing to fund their capital intensive projects and expansion, talk less of a local or national business. As financial advisors, we always advise our clients on making the best decision, and most times, financing the investments in your business is the best decision you can make even when you have the capital. Your capital can always serve a better function in covering the day to day expenses of your business or even funding expansion into other locations.

What is Equipment Finance

 Equipment Finance is an aspect of business finance. It is a financial product that helps businesses to get the necessary equipment needed to start operations or expand. By providing your business with the required capital, you can make the right business moves at the right time. Equipment finance can come in various forms, all of which seeks to give your business the much needed financial push that allows room for the innovation that will distinguish an industry leader and pacesetter from competitors.

Benefits of Equipment Finance

Business Growth

One of the factors necessary for the growth of any business is cash injection. With equipment financing, you can get the need capital that allows you to focus moving your business forward instead of being distracted with trying to solve financial emergencies daily.

Financial flexibility

Equipment Financing gives you more freedom in case of financial emergencies. For instance, where you are faced between upgrading your equipment and paying salaries, you can make an easy decision where all aspects of your business will not suffer because you have more than one option of financing.

Who can get equipment finance

Anyone who has business and need equipment can use equipment financing. This covers business in all sectors of the economy, such as medical, food service, construction, manufacturing, etc. However, many factors will determine your chances of getting the right equipment finance deal. These include:

The duration of your business can determine whether or not you will get equipment financing. Many lenders prefer long-established business because those businesses usually have more stability. Most lenders will not grant equipment financing unless your business has been in operations for a year.

Your revenue is how a lender determines if you are capable of paying back. Where you have a steady income, your chances of getting equipment financing becomes higher.

While a credit score may not eventually determine if you get financing or not, it can determine if you get a favourable finance deal. A high credit score will help you get equipment financing with low-interest rates and other favourable options, the poorer your credit score, the lower your chances of getting equipment financing.

Why You Should Let Us Help You

When it comes to navigating the murky waters of equipment financing, you need the expertise and know-how of someone familiar with the whole operation who will save you from the heartbreak of getting into a poor deal that could affect your business. At Finance Guide, you will find those type of people in multitude. Our team include financial experts dedicated to securing the best equipment financing deal for you; they ensure that no matter how bad your credit score is, you don’t get into an unfavourable deal that would rock the boat of financial stability for you and your business. Each financing deal is thoroughly scrutinized and examined based on your business finances to ensure it is a step in the right direction. Apart from expertise and experience from our team, you also get:

Fast and transparent application process with a high rate of approval

Fast and transparent application process with a high rate of approval

Various forms of financing options such as lease, loans, hire purchase, etc.