Credit and


Financial advisory is all about maintaining strong credit and minimizing debts. This is why we offer both credit and debt solutions to our customers to ensure their financial stability. We provide this service based on individual client needs. Thus, while we help with debt collection and recovery, we also help with debt management. Our credit and debt services include:

We take charge of your finances, restructure it and help you resolve the debt situation that looks impossible. We start by offering financial consultation where our experts assess your overall finances to determine your debt situation. Once we have identified your debts, we provide recommendations and other credit opportunities to get you out of your precarious condition. A core part of our debt management services is addressing unnecessary expenses with budgeting. Everything is done with your consent and understanding and tailored to your individual needs. Together, we help you create a financial plan using budgeting and debt relief solutions to prevent bankruptcy and reposition you towards financial freedom. We don’t stop here; we are with you all the way through the execution of the plan to ensure everything goes right and make necessary adjustments based on the changing economic conditions.

Our debt management services help you with Debt Consolidation, Credit Card Debt, Debt agreements, Debt negotiation, mortgage refinancing, credit repair, and budgeting.

We understand how hard it could be to be in debt with no likely alternative. In this condition, you don’t just need a finance company; you need one that understands you and is willing to create a personal relationship with you. This is what you get with Finance Guide. We help you to reorganize your finances, consolidate debts, renegotiate terms for better options, save money, and avoid bankruptcy.

On the other end of debt management is debt recovery for businesses. Unpaid debts cause cash flow problems and could affect the growth of any business as they usually result in avoidable losses. To prevent such from happening to you and your business, we can help you recover your debts in an amicable manner that does not jeopardize any professional or personal relationship you may have with your customers. We have a high debt recovery rate based on years of providing these services for businesses. Our debt collection process is simple, thorough, and effective. It is done in a sensitive and professional manner with all the contacts we make with your debtor dully recorded and accessible to you. You can easily contact us to help you with recovery, and since we don’t charge any fee until the recovery is complete, you don’t have to worry about payments just yet.

Where you also need credit reports to avoid bad debts, you can always count on us. Our database is filled with accurate information that will guide you in making the right decision on loan and financing offerings.

With our comprehensive service for individual, families and businesses, we are your one-stop-shop for credit and debt solutions. Our service is available all over Australia, so you don’t have to worry about your location.