Vehicles are one of the most important investments for both personal and business use

Having one gives you a lot of advantage. You can move from one place to another based on your schedule and with proper maintenance, you don’t have to worry about any disappointment. It is indeed one of the ways to move your business forward. When you need a vehicle for your business or personal use, you are faced with different options on the means of purchasing it. Depending on the car you want to get and your net worth, you can use your own capital to get the car. Another option is to get a car loan from the bank for your purchase. While all these options are good, there is a better one. You can use get financing through us. Using this option is instead of all the others gives you the chance to focus on your business while we handle the financing process and help you get the most favourable car loan you can ask for.

Apart from this, car loans let you get a vehicle even when you don’t have the money. This is a significant advantage in every business, and your ability to get financing for your purchase regardless of the prevailing economic conditions can make the difference between you and your competitors. A commercial vehicle says a lot about your company and at Finance Guide. We help you get that vehicle that says your business is excellent and positions your brand as a premium one.

Many businesses are wary of car loans due to bad experience in terms of repayment, interest rates, low structures, and other factors. At Finance Guide, all these factors are considered at the initial point. While the car you want is your choice, the financing to purchase that car is something we are very interested in, and we ensure it is the best that you can get.

Who Can Get Car Loans

Commercial car financing options extend beyond car loans, and they open to anyone who needs a commercial car and has the ability to repay. This is a comprehensive list that includes businesses, individuals, corporations, schools, organisations, etc. Your credit score does not matter as much as your credit history when it comes to car financing with you. As long as you have a track record of on-time payments and you have the financial stability necessary to pay any future loan, you are good to go.

Why Use Us

Our financial advisory company stands tall above the rest for multiple reasons which include:

We are first of all financial advisors, and we live up to this tag in all our services. Once you approach us for financing, the first thing we do is to have an in-depth discussion with you on why you need funding, how you intend to pay back, which financing option is best for you, and every other issue that may come up. Your financial records and credit scores are thoroughly analysed, and the implications are explained to you in the basic language. After you have filled the application form which is sent to various lenders or one lender depending on the peculiarity of your case. The terms of each loan offer are considered.  The monthly repayment rate is looked into to determine if it is appropriate given your financial condition and would not constitute a financial burden. The interest rates, upfront payments, and all other charges attached to the loan are also scrutinised to ensure they are favourable for you. Every term and obligation in the loan is considered based on what applies to you and what is best for you. By placing you as the focal point of our decisions, we ensure that everything is tailored to your needs. At Finance Guide, our services are all about YOU.

In life, people work best with those they trust. When it comes to the lending business too, lenders are more willing to give money to those that they trust. We have long relationships based on mutual interests with many car financing lenders, and you will benefit from these relationships when you let us handle your car loan for you. Approaching most of these lenders yourself is a lot of work, but we have access to all of them at once. And they trust our judgement, by coming through us, you are one leg in already.

Our relationship with lenders also helps us to get you the best deal possible. While handling financing yourself may get you deal, your lack of financial expertise is a disadvantage that could affect your negotiations. With you, you can be assured that you have not been short-changed in any way. You get the best deal possible.