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Finance Guide

Finance Guide is a financial advisory company that provides excellent consultancy services for our clients on all aspects of their finances to ensure their financial wellbeing. We help our clients with debt management and to secure financing for personal and business projects such as truck loans, boat loans, caravan finance, car loans, etc. Our goal is to aid our clients in taking control of their financial future regardless of the current economic conditions.

What We Do

All our services are aimed to achieve one goal – the financial wellbeing of our client. We understand how valuable sound financial advice can be when you are faced with making a big decision; this is why we stay with you all through your financial journey offering opinions, advice, recommendations, and positioning you for the best financial decisions. We help you plan your finances, both the immediate and future which covers your retirement and life after that.
Our services include:

Credit and Debts

We provide quality consultancy services to our clients on debt management and how to get new credit when needed. We understand that Debts can be a stumbling block to achieving financial wellbeing, so we ensure that our clients avoid bad debts that could damage all their years of financial planning. Where a client already has debt issues, we help that in planning their way out of the debt without drastically affecting their current standard of living.

Truck Loans

Looking to start a trucking business or you just want to add to your fleet as part of your expansion process so that you can cater to the needs of your customers more efficiently. You can get your commercial truck loans through Finance Guide. There are various financing options available, and you will definitely find one that is suitable for your business.

Car Loans

Having a car is almost a necessity when you are commuter, finding the right car for you is quite challenging, but something else is even harder, getting the right financing for the car. Unless you have millions stashed up somewhere, you will need a car loan to buy your car. Getting the perfect car loan is something you need a professional for and at Finance Guide, we help you find the right lender for your car loans.

Equipment Finance

Every business owner deserves the most up-to-date equipment to stay competitive and provide quality services to its customers. We at Finance Guide understands this, so we partner with lenders financing various industries who are willing to provide loans and other financing options for our clients. With this financing, you can get the best equipment for your business, whether you are just starting or seeking to expand.


Finance Guide provides all-encompassing financial consultancy services, and part of these is our insurances services. Most individuals and businesses have issues when it comes to getting the right coverage for their properties; we understand why the technicalities of insurance can bog you down. This is why our insurance experts are ready to help you with the whole process from finding the right insurance company, going through the policies, and getting you the one most applicable to you.

Boat Loans

If you live along the coastal regions, you probably wish to own a boat and explore the wilderness of the deep blue sea with family and friends. Perhaps you don't even live near the sea but have this same dream. This is an expensive dream considering the prices of boats, and whether you are getting a used or new one, you will need a loan. At Finance Guide, you can count on us to help you in securing the most favourable boat loan and live your dream.

Caravan Finance

Australia is a beautiful country with many pleasant spots to visit along the coastal regions, the bush, and the outback. The best way to enjoy these fantastic natural landscapes is by exploring them in your own caravan or motorhome. That way, you can have unrivalled adventure and travel beyond anywhere that a bus tour will take you while still enjoying the comforts of having a place to sleep, cook, and live a basic life. Finance Guide can help you get the financing necessary to purchase a reliable caravan for your adventures.

Why Choose Us

A Team of financial experts with decades of experience.

Recommendations and Advice tailored to suit your individual circumstances and needs.

Comprehensive services to meet all your financial needs.

About Us

We are a team of financial advisors devoted to helping you achieve financial freedom and attaining your goals. We do this by providing financing services for commercial and personal purchases such as trucks, cars, boats, and caravan. Our experts guide you through all financial decisions and provide excellent services along the way.